The wire rope netting is a type of soft net system or SNS system. It can be used for protection of steep slopes. This flexible protective netting has numerous benefits over the commonly-used conventional rigid protective one.

Our security fencing is simply structured, beautiful and practical. It is easily transported and installed without terrain restrictions. This product is extremely adaptable to mountains, slopes and curves. It is ideally suited for use over large areas.

Gabions are mostly made of hexagonal wire mesh. They are corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant and possess high mechanical strength. Applications of this product can be found in the river/lake slope protection, shore protection, traffic engineering, soil and water conservation, and many other fields.

The screen mesh, also called crimped wire mesh, is used for screening in mines. It is available in a variety of weaving patterns, including: pre-crimped woven mesh, double intermediate crimped mesh, locked crimped mesh, plain crimped mesh, double crimped mesh as well as single intermediate crimped mesh.

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