Huahaiyuan Profile
Huahaiyuan Profile

Fences, screens, barriers and all forms of impediments are essential elements for businesses families and just about anyone else looking to safeguard their interests or preserve the terrain. In order to preserve your client’s peace of mind order the best in barriers and impediments from Huahaiyuan.
With a very advantageous location in Anping County, best known as the hometown of wire mesh, we are able to realize great transportation, technology and raw materials procurement benefits here.

Our company is focused upon producing and selling a wide range of products, including the SNS flexible safety net for protection of slope; security fence for high-speed roads and railways; sound barrier fence and barbed wire cage; anti-climb mesh fencing for airports and prisons, as well as the screen mesh.

We undertake a wide variety of fencing and protective netting installation projects and we can take your custom vision and bring it to fruition, just ask and our design specialists will collaborate with your managers.

Our company occupies an area of approximately 30,000 square meters. It is home to more than 50 dedicated, talented managers and senior technicians, with a wide variety of production, design and management skills.

With the use of fully-automated steel mesh welding line, plastic coating line and wire rope production line, each day we produce 100,000 meters of plastic coated security fencing, 3,000 square meters of SNS flexible protective net, as well as 10 tons of barbed wire cage.

In recent years, we have undertaken several national key projects and numerous province-level projects for construction of wire mesh.

Our extensive range of products has found wide application in railways, highways, mines, hydropower stations, tourist attractions, geology, disaster prevention projects and other types of protection projects.

Our products have found strong demand in many countries and regions, including Japan, Germany, Russia, the United States and other South and North American countries, etc.


As a wire mesh manufacturer, Anping Huahaiyuan Wire Mesh Co., Ltd. specializes in producing SNS flexible safety net for protection of slope, security fence for high-speed roads and railways, sound barrier fence, barbed wire cage, anti-climb mesh fencing for airports and prisons, as well as the screen mesh.


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